Sea of Thieves- Kraken's Fall

All the environments that I had the pleasure to work on in Sea of Thieves is the result of a huge collaborative effort between many different members of Rare's multidisciplinary team. I was lucky enough to work with the talented artists at Rare as a contract environment artist for 6 months on the level art team which means my main responsibility was to create the islands in the game and populate them with assets created by the world artists and outsource partners. No one artist usually owns an environment or an asset completely, so huge credit to the fantastic team at Rare!

My main responsibilities in this area was to use the library of assets created by the talented artists at Rare and compile them together to make a fully playable level inside of Unreal Engine. This consisted of me designing the overall layout of the level, sculpting the terrain, painting foliage and set dressing the level making sure that the island had interesting and compelling compositions.